Our referral process

Referrals are accepted from social workers, statutory agents. Young people between the ages of 8 to 16 on admissions. Parents over 16 years+ and children up to 7 years’ old will be considered.

Step 1

Contact us to make a referral – we do accept emergency referrals after completion of a impact assessment.

Step 2

We aim to give you a decision within 24-hours

Step 3

Accept the offer of placement and arrange for the young person / family to join Northridge. We time allows we welcome a visit to our home / centre prior to admission.

Before we accept
a placement

The care and wellbeing of children and their parents is paramount. Before we accept a placement, we will discuss the assessing requirements with the referring authority to ensure that Northridge is the right fit for the young person / family. We also carry out an impact assessment looking at the needs of the young people / families currently living in a Northridge Care service and the needs of the young person / family being referred.

Our assessments within the Residential Family Centre

Our parenting assessments help determine the long-term living arrangements for children. Placements are between 12- 20 weeks and are designed to suit the needs of each family. Our team of qualified staff and registered Social Workers will carry out evidence based PAMs assessments and pre-birth assessments (led by the courts). This model ensures all reports are robust, fair, and based on the family’s specific needs.

The assessments determine whether a parent can respond to their child’s needs, keep them safe and promote their welfare. The assessments cover areas such as:

  • Practical parenting skills, childcare and development
  • Relationships, support and building a family unit
  • Health, wellbeing and self-care
  • Safety & hygiene
  • Independent living skills
  • Behaviour management

How to make a referral

For referrals or an initial discussion, please call 01772 346 825 or email vicky@northridgecaregroup.co.uk.

We are happy to discuss emergency placements on an individual basis.